What Is “Frame?” How to Remain Absolute

Time and time again we see posts and Field Reports of people talking about Frame but we are lacking the concise explanation of precisely what “Frame” is.


“Frame” = Too PUA-y. Too tryhard. Too vague.


The one thing you will see me do on my blog is normalize the red pill concepts. Make them as easy as possible to grasp – that way, more people can read and learn/apply more efficiently. It’s a shame frame posts never explain exactly what frame is in detail.


So what is frame?


Frame is simply your state of mind, your mental fortitude. Your world view. Your mood/vibe. It is YOUR AGENDA. Your Reality.


Having a “strong frame” means you have an unshakable Reality, your Life agenda is an unstoppable train, your views are immovable, you can steer any context of any conversation or social gathering/event into whatever you feel like – just with your sheer Will and Social Skills.


My Frame is the following. Everything I do is good luck. The universe loves me. I am invincible. I could get shot in the chest right now and I will delude myself into thinking it was absolutely 10000% for the best. No matter what, I never lose, ever. The universe and its laws, namely biomechanics, is God – and Its Will is that all of our fates are sealed. And it has determined that my fate is the greatest fate ever.


That is Frame.


This is my overall mood, vibe, agenda, reality most of the time.


How can I prove it right? All I have to do is look back on all the ridiculously good fortune I’ve had all my life.


Why is it so strong? It is impossible to disprove.


When you’re talking to girls, they will test your mental fortitude. Whether you’re attempting to bed them, or just be friends, you will be tested in many ways, almost daily.


Some hardcore, some not so much. But they always “Try before they buy.”


They will want to test your Reality. That vibe. Your views. Your social skills. This is “shit-testing.” And they do it because they need to. They need to see if your reality can withstand pressure, they need to see if your mental fortitude/reality is that of an attractive masculine man, because they want to submit to one desperately, and thus ensure their survival & happiness.


Literally desperately. They live to submit to masculine men. Their sole purpose in Life is to give birth to the Perfect babies of masculine men.


So naturally, when you pass the testing, they submit and you can steer the interaction with them into anything you wish. They become play-doh in your hands, wanting you to mold them into whatever the fuck you feel like.


This entire process is addictingly fun for all parties involved. This is called Flirting.


Even though they sometimes do it subconsciously.


Women will test yo shit, and getting mad at them for doing so is for the weak.
Usually, the weaker you look but stronger your reality claims to be, the stronger they will want to hit it to see if it truly is as good as it says.


WHAT THIS MEANS IS; if you look like you’re incel but your “frame” says you’re entitled to a harem of pussy, you will get tested on it ASAP. Mercilessly. By everyone, not just women. If you pass, the rewards are insurmountable.


But if you look like a bearded Brock fuckin Lesnar and your frame says you’re a viking of pussy-slaying, NO ONE in the universe will test that out.
It’s actually pretty funny how that works, because today’s society has shamed/emasculated the Brock Lesnars/chads – while the most amusing, hilarious shitlords pussy-slayers I’ve ever met look incel as shit (thanks to TRP/AltRight). So what ends up happening is that the genetic chads can sometimes end up succumbing to the feminist reality/frame around them and end up with a mediocre frame, constantly being shamed, forced into niceguyhood, while the scrawny nerdy kids go full shitlord and just off of the SHEER contrast they bring, they end up generating the hardest tingles in girls.


Now, what the hell is a “reframe” and how can I master it?


The “reframe” is taking the context of any given conversation/sentence, and immediately steering it into whatever other context you want (usually beneficial to you of course). With your sheer will & skills, you made the reality/agenda of the given interaction/sentence/person into YOUR OWN reality/agenda. Boom, reframe.


The best person who consistently demonstrates this skill is none other than Trump. He slaps the context of whatever bullshit thrown at him, and he drills his own context on it that favors him and/or puts the attackers on the defensive. Everyone should be studying Trump on how he holds his Frame and masterfully reframes any attacks. This shit literally won him the most powerful position in the world.


Trump is the greatest Salesman alive today, and is able to apply all the sales techniques and experience he has had over multiple decades into persuading the general public into whatever reality/agenda he wants.



“Frame” is simply the reality/agenda you live. The context of your existence. Having a strong frame means it is extremely hard for someone or something to change the context/vibe of your state of mind/reality/agenda.


“Reframing” is simply swiftly steering the context/reality/agenda of anything into whatever else context/reality/agenda you want it to be.


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