L.E.S.S.: Achieving Perfection As A Man

It’s as simple as this.

1. Lift heavy.

That means Squat, Bench and Deadlift heavy. But before you’re able to lift heavy consistently and efficiently, you have to start light first, and add weight to the bar over time. The perfect routine for quick gains in strength and muscle is 5×5 Stronglifts. You must do it until you can’t progress anymore, or at least for 6 months.  All exercises must be performed perfectly to truly milk out the maximum gains.

It is when you graduate to Madcow 5×5, and later Smolov Squat routine, you will achieve your ideal male figure. But you MUST do SL5x5 beginners first to master the basics. Aim to get your 1RM lifts to 300lbs to 400lbs squat and 400lbs to 500lbs Deadlifts.

(Don’t forget to incorporate a Foam Rolling routine for before & after lifting sessions.)


2. Eat healthy.

Follow a strength-focused diet. High protein, high fats, little to no carbs (no more than 25g). Aim for 3000 to 4000 calories daily. Don’t drink anything BUT Black Coffee, Green Tea and Water. The Anabolic Diet is great, but tough… if you think you have the mental fortitude, and want results ASAP, then stick to it starting tomorrow.

WARNING: the steroid-like effects come with a pretty hefty price tag at first, hence why not a lot of people do it or are even aware of this diet. ketosis can be very tough to power through but your ancestors mastered the no-carb diet and so can you. Stop being a pussy.

I’ve been on the Anabolic Diet for 4 months now and I’ve already achieved my masculine V-Taper body on it.


3. Sleep well.

Get the ffffffffffffuck off of social media/phone/computer after 11PM, you goddamn degenerate. None of it is important, your feed is full of retards. Sleep at around 11PM or 12; Wake up at 8AM refreshed. Make this your New years resolution/goal if you have to. (Lifestyles vary of course; the point here is – you need your 8 hours.)


4. Sauna.

Incorporate a Steam Room/Sauna routine into your life. Daily. 170 degrees for at least 30 minutes. Not only does it flush out bad toxins, it improves blood circulation & breathing, which means solid steel boners AND easier time lifting heavy shit. Sauna use for an hour twice a day at 170 degrees also spiked up natural Human Growth Hormone on the 3rd day. GAINZ. it also increases heat tolerance, so you’ll have a tougher time “feeling the burn” during heavy lifts.

(Immediately afterwards, cool off with a Cold Shower which is proven to not only increase testosterone on its own, but also burn body fat… which ALSO increases testosterone.




There you have it. The outline I have presented here will make you Look and Feel much better than you will ever feel, thus increasing your attractiveness and thus increasing the attractiveness of our sexual options (BOING).


You’ll be stacking benefits from the Lifting, Eating, Sauna, Sleeping , which all lead to super strength and giant releases of natural Human Growth Hormone – which increases your mass and strength.


Don’t flood my inbox asking me to replace your “shrunken” clothes after the gainz, u fucks


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