Why Talib Kweli Wants To Punch Me In The Face

Black people are by far the worst at accepting facts.

Sometimes they get hit with darts straight to the id, they have no control over their chimpouts.

Prominent Black Supremacist and Anti-White “rap star” Talib Kweli was linked to my blog post by a random follower, and what he read made him so angry, he threatened to punch me in the face.



Me and Talib go back 2 years where I exposed him for his vengeful white hatred towards europeans for what a few of them “did” against indians. Dude’s tweeted literally thousands of tweets disrespecting white people and regurgitating typical, debunked, totally inane talking points by SJWs and his Jewish Overlords, and it was until I called him out on it, and when my AltRight followers caught wind of it, that he slowed his white-genocide tweets way down.

He has been getting trolled every single day ever since.

Every so often, I catch on eof his rants and I drop on his TL and remind him how we remember his anti-white behavior. He tries to puff his little chest out every time, but always ends up getting embarrassed.

This time, he got triggered so hard by Real Talk, he almost resorted to physically attacking someone he disagrees with over the internet. Deep down inside, Talib knows what I speak is true. That’s what makes him angriest.

This is a strong reminder that SJWs and Black Supremacists who are vengeful of whites are emotionally unhinged and are to be easily defeated as long as you speak the Truth.

I see the bitch in Yoo.


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