Why The World Is Hypocritical Towards White People

We all know how the entire world, especially SJWs, love to bash white folks for things every single race/nation has done. While ignoring the other races who do the exact same thing, on a much worse scale – even today still.


The things they love to hold over white people, but completely excuse others for, is slavery and racism. Hell, even sexism & misogyny too.


“White people must PAY for slavery!!!!!” They scream.


“How DARE you be racist, we’re all human/pink inside!”


“Women are actually better than men, the LEAST you could do is treat us equally!”




If you’ve had your testosterone levels at healthy levels, you should already know the degenerate, retarded shit these shitstains fling at you.


But why? Why are white people held accountable far more harshly – or even at all – than other races?


Simple, my niggas.


SJWs and everyone know that non-white/brown people are borderline subhuman/retarded. And everyone knows the Hwhites have been proven to be the superior race. What this means is, when you see a nation full of brown folks doing degenerate shit or acting in a troglodyte fashion, it’s expected. They can all live unhinged with little to no civilized law  & order, and no one bats an eye.


When a chimp fails to solve a rubik’s cube, do we give a rat’s ass?


Muslim countries raping women, and then killing women for being victims of rape? “lol who cares, theyre brown people. Subhuman”


Muslim countries still practicing slavery of black people? “lol who cares, brown folk, subhuman”


Latin American/caribbean people being the most racist people on the planet by far, ignoring nationality of their own people and discriminating solely based on skin color still, like dominicans do against afro-dominicans (and haitians!), fuhgettabattit


Latin Americans/caribbeans (like dominicans) still practicing Unapologetic Patriarchy? Cmon son.


However, as soon as whites act in a naturally patriarchal, racist, sexist manner (with a much greater reason  than any other race btw), everyone loses their shit. The HUWHITE MAN doing any of this!?!??!? It’s like watching your dream girl take a shit – yeah it’s natural…. but GOTDAYUM FAM.


They lose their shit because not only are white people in their mind supposed to be above all that shit as the superior race, but because white people themselves have virtue-signalled this moral high ground to the world forever now. White people saw so much genetic and social success, that they wanted to share it with the entire world, in complete disregard of how retarded/subhuman brown people are. Of course, this was then exploited by globalist jews Agreed & Amplified this into letting foreign filth into white countries… but that’s a whole different post for another time.


Not only has the virtue-signalling of whites have been exploited, it is now easy to push around the average young white man. They’re feminized thanks to (((feminism))) and (((media/TV/Hollywood))). How dare you even have the testoserone to behave in a healthy way that ensures your survival. You are a nu-male, you dont deserve to live!


For these reason (subhumans wanting whites to be “the bigger” person, and because of how big  a pushover whites have become), whites are vilified for basic human behavior that ensures survival.


This is why the world is harsher on white people. Best thing white folks can do is forget the signalling and ensure their survival. Kick the globalists out and vote TRUMP2016. Because Trump himself might virtue-signal himself from time to time, but that’s because it’s all strategic. Trump will make sure we don’t ever have our kindness exploited ever again.







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