“Name calling is immature! Trump needs to grow up”

Trump’s name calling is hilarious to me. “Childish” – yet extremely effective. Therefore great.  Everything he says sticks to them forever.


Everyone knows Rubio as Little Marco from now on.


Cruz as Lyin’ Ted,


Clinton as Crooked Hillary


Goofy Elizabeth Warren aka Fauxcahontas


He’s branding them, not simply name-calling. He is selling you HIS own narrative of these people and everyone’s buying it. He’s not gonna let anyone (especially not the biased media) create a narrative of them, and if they do he destroys it by imposing HIS reality into everyone.


Why are people buying his narratives of these people running or sniping at Trump?


Because Trump has built his presidential brand over the last year or so purely based on RAW Honesty.


His narrative: “I’d rather be honest than politically correct.”


Now because everyone knows him as THAT motherfucker who – regardless if moral or not – SPEAKS HIS MIND NO MATTER WHAT, you know whatever he says about a person is very likely to be true.


It’s called Credibility.


Because he’s Honest Donald.


Everyone hears it all the time, “say what you want about Donald Trump, but at least he’s honest.


This is how he is able to crumble his rivals so easily and effectively.


And I can’t wait for him to get started on Crooked Shillary.



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