Let’s dispel with the notion that the AltRight hates all non-whites

Before tackling this post titled “””The Alt Right Is Worse Than Feminism In Attempting To Control Male Sexual Behavior“””, I will state facts about myself really quick.


I’m a non-white Latino. Born and raised in the degenerate filth that is NYC. All my life I’ve been told white people are unjustly racist and hate all non-whites.


Ya know, the typical anti-white bullshit every minority is fed by (((them))) in order to keep everyone at war so (((they))) profit.


I’m both a fan of Roosh’s work and how he attempts to expose the decline & hypocrisy of modern regressive SJWs & globalists, and I’m also a fan of the “waycissst” Alt-Right.


Alt-righters all know this about me.


I think Roosh and ROK (and those he inspired) have done amazing things for masculinity, and for the restoration of western civilization. And I understand this “beef” is purely for exposure and $$$$$. Hence the hilarious & obvious baiting comments from Roosh riling up white folk with shit like “i don’t care about white people’s future” and describing in vivid detail how he has sex with white girls.


And I understand why Alt-right are purists in the sense that they completely reject miscegenation. Race-mixing is factually bad (results in lower IQ for white folk, higher chance of stillborn for black & white couples, among of a bunch of other blowbacks miscegenation brings to civilization).


And thus, I understand why they’d hate Roosh.


Now on to the post:


“The alt right has gone from a possible political alternative to a frustrated mob that wants to control the sexual choices of all men.”


This isn’t it at all – they simply want to make sure white folks don’t miscegenate away their valuable genes that have taken literally tens of thousands years of fine crafting via Natural Selection. Roosh clearly understands this, but for the folks out there that don’t know Roosh trolls for their clicks/$$$; the Alt-right feels miscegenation is degenerate because it is factually unhealthy for valuable genetics and overall well-being of their advanced civilization.


Thus, they have every right to oppose it – it’s for their survival. You would too if you were white or had genes as valuable, or more valuable, as theirs.


The argument that they try to control who Men have sex with is as “strong” as me making an argument that PUA/NeoMasculinists want to control the nature of women because they’re just unhinged control freaks (by writing and promoting endless shaming of fat landwhales and tatted women with short hair, etc etc.)


Clearly this isn’t the case, so making the argument that alt-right tries to control like feminism does is pure clickbait (which will no doubt be effective).


“Once their sexual control objectives are reached, the alt righters will then move to controlling your friendly and casual relationships. You will not be permitted to associate with someone whose 23&Me genetic test result fails to meet their standards. I wish I could say I was exaggerating with these statements, but they openly boast about these rules, which are often featured in many of their memes.”


Roosh got trolled hardcore by a few Alt-right folks for sure LOL.


Their goal is to secure the genetics (and advanced civilization) and thus future of white people. That’s it.


Why is that so bad? It isn’t – at all. I’m a latino with MANY Alt-right followers and they’re all cool as fuck with me.


Image 1.png


“Shitlordism knows no race.”


So this whole “Alt Righters hate all non-whites” is silly. They just hate low valued people – which happen to be most 3rd worlders/non-whites.


Funny how to most of them, I am a far more valuable asset to their cause then some white cuck faggot globalist who has used his power to open up the borders and let in brown low-IQ immigrants to rape white women.


So again, someone remind me how are they strict racists who want to control you you speak to? That narrative has no basis.


They’re all cool as fuck as long as you stay in your tribe, and you leave them alone with theirs. And there’s nothing wrong with that.


White people are a global minority, and are being slowly exterminated by jews. They need to fight back, because without white folk at their peak, civilization and advancement end. Period.


Am I a “Uncle Tom” or a suckup for that? People will probably say so. I don’t care, I just state facts.


I recognize the fact that the white folk, asians and to some extent Jews are indeed the superior races on this earth in nearly every single useful thing. By far. No competition.


Us latinos, as well as africans and most middle eastern folk who are muslims, are getting blown away by these races in every useful way. And the difference is in IQ & the gene that makes folk prone to violence. This is why there is such a wide gap in nations and thus races.


Africans, muslims nor latinos would never have made the electricity you use, the plane you travel on, or even that smartphone you use to connect to the INTERNET (created by whites) and twitter (whites, again), to shit-talk white folk.


I’ve tried to tell most of these folks that Roosh trolls for exposure and really isn’t too serious about his obvious baiting comments  (otherwise he wouldn’t spend so much time and money writing and exposing the decline of the west, and how to fix it etc etc) but they never listen – they insist he’s an anti-white kebab hellbent on white destruction lol.


As a fellow troll myself, I can appreciate what Roosh is doing. The bigger picture it seems he’s going for is to become rich and famous enough to truly make a difference for masculinity, and thus traditional values, which would severely cut miscegenation anyhow since women will be once again attracted to strong white Men and won’t mudshark.


Or he could be secretly planning to kebab white folk away, who truly knows.


All I know is that based on evidence, I can conclude for myself Roosh is a decent dude who trolls for $$$$$.And that the Alt-right aren’t racist. They’re just defensive and conservative of their high value.

The beef is fun to watch though, as trolls try to out-troll each other.


Just remember to focus on spitting venom at the (((globalists))), not allies.




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