A reminder of how (((Feminism))) destroys women and thus civilization

Everyone knows that healthy women & children are the crux of civilization. Healthy Men draw inspiration from wanting to impress their peers, mainly women. 99.99% of things healthy human beings do is for the sole purpose of extracting validation from their peers, mainly healthy, fertile women.


Wealth, social classes/statuses, building, innovations, technology, art, music, business, S.T.E.M. – EVERYTHING is mostly to flaunt/attract the opposite sex for procreation.


Poison women, and Man (the most innovative creature the world’s ever seen) won’t have the desire to commit to one.


No desire to commit to a healthy, quality woman, and the need to protect, to innovate, to improve, to climb the social rankings/classes, etc. becomes almost non-existent in him.


Here’s how feminism is literally worse than cancer.


Feminism encourages ruinous obesity/fat acceptance


You’ve seen their countless rallies/walks supporting/encouraging obesity. Obesity results in many mental disorders, which would make you unfit as a long-term partner & parent.


Source: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/758035


That alone is enough to categorize Feminism as destructive and unfit for any modern, intelligent civilization.


Feminism doesn’t promote obesity as a matter of “just love yourself, no matter what!” – it’s almost always “Fuck beauty standards, get fat, STAY FAT, be confident to make a statement to the patriarchy! u go grrl!”


It can be understandable if people were somehow born obese, and were always in a struggle to lose  weight all the time, and wanted to feel confident while slimming down. Encouragement in this context is reasonable.


But considering that’s not the case at all, and considering these are the same people making you fat in the first place, their intentions aren’t to make you feel confident and happy – it’s to make sure you are as unattractive and repulsive as possible, like them, so that you fail at attracting a quality partner, like they do.


Misery loves company.


(Feminism also makes you fat by encouraging your mother to dive tits deep into ultra-stressful college/career/workforce – to pay for materialistic shit by jews no one NEEDS – which resulted in less healthy home cooked meals and resulted in more takeout food & processed TV dinners.)


You only see this agenda pushed hardcore in AMERICA and EUROPE only. Not in Africa, not in Asia, not in the Middle East with Muslim countries. ONLY in majority white countries.


Why? Simple. Obese women are always more masculine with overt mass, and men always less masculine when soft. Obesity throws hormones out of whack. Resulting in a more Androgynous society full of mentally ill white people that are easier to control. This makes America and Europe a big openborder shopping mall where advertisements and constant debt rule over everyone… but that’s a whole nother post.


Feminism promotes destructive hookup culture and slut-acceptance


You’ve seen these famous walks & rallies encouraging sluts to slut around and condemning normal people for rightfully shaming them. Promiscuity/sluttiness results in many mental disorders, which makes you unfit for a long-term partner, and even less fit to have a family.


SOURCE 1: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3752789/figure/F1/

SOURCE 2: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23400516



(If you want to read more in depth with examples and even more well-thoughtout reasoning, check it out):


Why Sluts Make Bad Wives:


Cassandra Lynn’s Death Shows Why You Should Never Wife Up Broken Girls:


Robin Rinaldi’s Wild Oats Project Shows Why Women Should Not Sleep Around:



Promotion of any of this slutwalk shit is promotion of being a mentally ill, rationalizing reject.

And guess where these slutwalks are mostly held & promoted? YOU GUESSED IT – AMERICA AND EUROPE, MOSTLY WHITE NATIONS.


Feminism promotes the catastrophically damaging Birth Control


And Birth Control makes you unattractive and crazy. Not to mention BC causes breast cancer.

Source: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2015/12/08/birth-control-makes-women-unattractive-and-crazy/



Let’s start with the grossest form: injectable birth control. IT MAKES YOU FAT. A 2009 study from the University of Texas found that women using DMPA gain an average of 11 pounds over three years, a 3-4 per cent increase. Worse, this was abdominal fat, which is linked to cardiovascular disease, strokes and diabetes. 25 per cent of women on DMPA experienced ‘significant and potentially dangerous body composition changes.’ Yes, that’s right. They became dangerously fat. On the bright side, they’re able to stop the injections at that point because being fat is the best form of birth control anyone could ask for. So in other words, your birth control injection will add on pounds that will prevent the injection you really want — of man meat. This, in turn, will lead to depression and excessive ice-cream consumption, which adds on more pounds. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in what medical professionals call ‘a vicious cycle’ but what I call FFAS, or “Female Forever Alone Syndrome.”


It continues,



It’s already established that going on the Pill makes you less attractive to men. But it also affects who you’re attracted to as well. Healthy, fertile women seek out men who are genetically different to them. Women on the Pill do the opposite, seeking out men who are closer to their own tribe. That’s right, ladies: the Pill turns you into Lannisters. I understand lusting after close relations might be a positive thing in some locations, such as West Virginia, or Norfolk, so YMMV on this one.”


And Finally,



It’s well established that women lust after rugged, manly men during their fertile cycles, and prefer baby-faced “provider” types outside this period. Indeed, this alternating pair of desires is the leading cause of female infidelity. However, imagine how accentuated this process is with women on the Pill. A single month of it would be enough to have even the most loyal woman deliberately tripping attractive men and falling on top of them… regardless of affirmative consent. Be aware lads, if she’s on the Pill, you’re probably getting cucked — unless you’re dating a polyamorous third-wave feminist, in which case you’re getting cucked no matter what birth control method is being used (and let’s be honest, it’s probably abstinence).”

Where is birth control mostly being pushed at?

You guessed it – mostly white nations. America & Europe. Do they push BC as hard in the middle east? Or in Africa? HA. Not a chance.


Feminism dangerously plummets libido/sex drives to DEPRESSING levels


Not only is feminism making fat sluts stressed out of their mind from wasting their fertile years in college and a ultra-competitive careers, they are also making women depressed by lowering the libidos of both Men and women and causing couples to have much less sex.

Sex is therapeutic. Lots of it with your loved one is great. Less of it and it causes all kinds of mental problems.

Lower libido in Men causes them stress and less inspiration and vitality.

Therefore, feminism causes depression.

Source 1: http://www.thumotic.com/feminism-depression-epidemic/

Source 2: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/9572187/Couples-who-share-the-housework-are-more-likely-to-divorce-study-finds.html

Source 3: http://www.asanet.org/journals/ASR/Feb13ASRFeature.pdf

More reading:

Don’t Split The Housework If You Want The Love To Last:

Marital Egalitarianism Is Bad For Your Sex Life:

This House Is Clean (And Sex-Free):


Feminism promotes hatred of Man












Quotes speak for themselves, really. These, of course, are mostly jewish women likely influenced by the jewish (((elites))) and given a universal platform by the (((elite))) who run hollywood and 90% of TV stations to spew this hatred for DECADES now.


Read here how jewish elites have used, and continue to use, (((feminism))) and other things to destroy original American & European culture.



(((Feminism))) masked as liberation of women is actually worse than cancer. It makes you fat and proud, it makes you slutty and proud, it makes you hate men, it makes you less attractive, it makes you more susceptible to have sex with fuckboys (low quality partners), it makes you have less children and less healthier children, and it makes you commit white genocide.






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4 thoughts on “A reminder of how (((Feminism))) destroys women and thus civilization

  1. Fat feminism goes against the essence of what feminism was originally intended to do – better women’s lives.

    But how can being a slut and blowing up to barnyard animal sizes bring benefit to women?

    Totally agree with this article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Original feminism was almost as bad too.

      As soon as you give women choices & freedom, their hardwiring (mostly sporadic & emotional) abuses it and eventually destroys civilization. This has happened to societies before, and we are witnessing it today.


      1. Sorry for the late reply.

        Women in Asia are educated but, generally, we’re brought up with traditional Asian values and morals. We don’t believe in hookup culture nor participating in slutwalks. We were taught to have self respect and modesty.

        Many of us work after graduating but our jobs aren’t our priority; our spouses are. I have a stable career but take the time to cook my man dinner. It’s nice to see him enjoy the food and eat a lot of it : )

        At the same time, earning my own money means I don’t need to ask him for pretty things; I can buy them myself. It’s also nice to surprise him with a hotel stay or short vacation on his birthday. After all that he does for me, it’s the least I can do.

        Feminism, I think, has at least allowed us to love our men better and lessen their stress. As long as parents and other family members bring us up right, we’ll still retain that feminine core.

        Let’s agree to disagree, though. The points in your post are valid : )


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